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Children Will Benefit..
Youngsters get to know the young hero and the adventures that carry him toward manhood. As they come to know Jeremiah as a friend who would understand their own growing pains, they look forward to each book in the series.

Teachers will Achieve..
Teachers will appreciate the ways that Jeremiah Stokely novels, kits, and activities make literature meaningful to children.

  Jeremiah Stokely Tours Indiana ...

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Jeremiah leads 4th grade students on virtual tours of all 92 counties.  Students will visit Indiana Inventors, Indiana Naturalists and Natural Places, Indiana Archaeologists and Archaeological sites.

Special tours allow students to visit all the counties that are crossed by the Wabash River, the National Road and the Michigan Road.  The tutorial includes over 400 photos and illustrations, dozens of animations and sound clips.  There are side trips to all the places and events found in the adopted textbooks.

It is filled with history, interesting places and trivia.  The program emphasizes map reading skills, paraphrasing and note taking skills, plus refining research skills.  It can be used as an individual study program or as a group project.

Here's a way for Indiana fourth-grade teachers to more easily comply with the state academic standards and still get all the other requirements accomplished.

The Classroom Kit on the right is designed especially for Indiana's fourth graders.  It contains everything a teacher needs to conduct this learning experience, a set of Jeremiah books, a large classroom map, student maps, journal sheets, award certificates, program disks and a teachers' guide.

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