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Youngsters get to know the young hero and the adventures that carry him toward manhood. As they come to know Jeremiah as a friend who would understand their own growing pains, they look forward to each book in the series.
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Teachers will appreciate the ways that Jeremiah Stokely novels, kits, and activities make literature meaningful to children.

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Jeremiah Stokely - Naturalist
Jeremiah's best friend, Todd Miller, is moving out of town.  They have been together almost every day since they were in the second grade. Jeremiah's plans for a summer of adventure seem doomed.  But because of a new friendship with an officer of the Natural Resources Department, Jeremiah learns about a swamp where he falls in love with all the plants and animals.

The story takes an unexpected turn when Jeremiah discovers that there are plans to cut down the trees and drain the swamp.  If Jeremiah hadn't taken matters into his own hands, this wonderful place might have been destroyed. 

Why are all those TV cameras taking pictures of Jeremiah up in a tree?

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